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An overwhelming angst of anesthesia-related neurotoxicity in small children has gripped the pediatric anesthetic community in the past decade culminating in a FDA suggestion that general anesthetic agents may not be safe in children younger than 4 years of age. (1-3) Considerable financial and personal resources have been and are currently still invested into this research. This includes laboratory, animal experimental as well as retro- and prospective human studies. Initial results in humans are now available and continuously updated and summarised by the FDA endorsed SmartTots initiative. (www.smarttots.org) No definite causal link between certain anesthetic drugs or techniques and poor neurological outcome in children has been established to date. (4-7) However, there is a documented relationship between the conduct of anesthesia and catastrophic neurological outcome or even mortality in small children. (8)  
Safetots.org initiative addresses the teaching, training, education and supervision of the safe conduct of pediatric anesthesia.
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